November 1, 2017

How-to Receive The Michigan Pickleball Newsletter

Dear MI Pickleball Players and Promoters!
How did we get to November 2017?!?
During Michigan's pickleball infancy, my playing and posting was pOp-PopPing!!! Ten blessed years and eight awesome grandbaby blessings later -- not so much. I (obviously) haven't kept pace with technology or social media. My blogging (like my serve) has gone from bad to worse.
The Michigan Pickleball Newsletter Editor, Pam Mackowski, faithfully gathers, brilliantly communicates and efficiently emails the newsletter monthly. Thank you, Pam!!!
If you aren't already on Pam's mailing list and want to receive the newsletter to your inbox, please email Pam at 
If you are a pickleball promoter with news to share, please sent the details to Pam.
My heart overflows with appreciation to the pickleball community!!! I'm abundantly thankful for hours upon hours of FUN, Friends and Fitness on Michigan pickleball courts!!!
My backhand never did improve and my yip-yip serve certainly bumps me down in the ratings, but I continue to play my haPpy place pickleball.  See you on the courts!!!
Your in pickleball, Janet RaZz 

MSO 2018 Winter Games | Registration Open

Michigan Senior Olympics
Registration is Open for the 2018 Winter Games

September 7, 2016

A Tribute to Larry Sagowitz | 1000 Pickleball Newcomers

1000 Pickleball Newcomers
By Julie Sayers

Larry started teaching pickleball to beginners at the OPC in Rochester in 2008 when he assisted Dick Manasseri and Janet Razz. In the 8 years since then he has taught a grand total of 1000 newcomers to the game. He has been assisted by Ken Peacock, Tom Valentine, Clara Carvey, and Julie Sayers, but is definitely the mainstay in teaching. Because of his efforts at OPC, pickleball now uses 40 hours of gym time each week. That is a lot of time but accommodates so many lovers of the sport.

He not only helps people learn the game but also has been instrumental in many other aspects of the pickleball program. He is in charge of running two ladders each week, oversees sessions of a skills and drills program, and helps with several speedball tournaments each year. He directs the use of and instruction for the ball machine. He has spearheaded fundraising for new nets, painting of the walls, and the ball machine.

Behind the scenes he puts in endless hours. This time has him organizing the ladders, arranging for weekly subs, and sending out numerous emails with scores and updates. He is also there from dawn to dusk helping during the four days of the MSO tournament twice a year.

Many, many people are so grateful to Larry for all that he does for the OPC pickleball program. He is always kind to and patient with every player, new or seasoned. He helps in so many ways with so many people that he is praised by one and all. We at OPC truly honor him with this tribute.

Read more in The Detroit News article: Vets ready to compete in 30th Golden Age Games
Photo: David Guralnick | The Detroit News

September 1, 2016

Pickleball Pioneer Award Winner | Marilyn Holladay

Marilyn Holladay was presented the Pickleball Pioneer Award by CJ Jermstad, USAPA Great Lakes Regional Director, on 8/27/2016, during the Royal Oak Pickleball Tournament. Marilyn has been an ongoing presence in the pickleball community since starting to play in 2008. Marilyn has been involved with the USAPA board, including Director of the USAPA Ranking Committee in 2009. At that same time, she responded to a want ad to contribute to and publish the Michigan pickleball email news. Marilyn organized and ran her first tournament in late 2009 with whiteboards and markers. Sandy Simons said “If wasn't for Marilyn, many tournaments in the country would not have been started as she provided her input before and during the tournaments. Small tournaments and large tournaments, especially in the Great Lakes Region, are forever indebted. Many of us would never have played tournaments and therefore not have expanded our love and interest in this great sport.” Marilyn now spends countless weekends keeping local and national tournaments running on time using the software from And she shares her expertise training others on using the software. Marilyn truly stands out as a leader in the Pickleball world.

December 31, 2014

Pickleball Promoters How-to Guide Second Edition

The Pickleball Promoters How-to Guide Second Edition,
updated (2014) and published by the USAPA is found here: